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Christmas Music….

Posted by Reid on November 21, 2006

Are you one of those people that cringe the day after Halloween when the red and green mixed with peppermint start rolling in view? When retailers begin their Christmas merchandising and each year I hear people comment, “sheesh, it seems as if it get earlier and earlier every year!”—Does it? Is this too early to begin decking our halls with boughs of holly, and fa la la-ing? Or is it? When those that enjoy the “Christmas Spirit” and are faced with the continued challenge of being as politically correct as possible to make sure that the things we enjoy and celebrate are not offensive to others, mixed in with all the ‘Grinches’ and ‘Scrooges’ out there it tends to get quite oppressive. Who decided that it was rude to enjoy a holiday? This leads me to believe that in fact that we are going about this the wrong way. Part of my current mantra has been to quit apologizing for being a nice guy; this is now going to include not apologizing for enjoying the things I do, including my celebration of Christmas—even if it seems like it comes early. I happen to not enjoy football, but I do not get offended when someone asks “do you know the score of the game?” I simply say, sorry I don’t watch football. If someone does not celebrate a holiday, I do not understand why a simple “sorry I don’t celebrate” can’t be used? I do enjoy the Christmas time so I will tell you Merry Christmas, if you don’t celebrate just simply tell me… it really is that simple. What I find even more interesting is that those who do celebrate Christmas are some of the biggest proponents of making sure the holiday cheer is reduced to a sterile and bland salutation of ‘happy holidays’, just in case we miss something that someone could celebrate—and offend. But come on, who is kidding, the whole season is the way we see it and celebrate it here in the US is because of Christmas. Why does “Happy New Year” not have the same scrutiny as Christmas? If you think about it, what about Rosh Hashanah, Chinese New Year – um, HELLO? Could we offend here as well? Personally I am happy that we are in the season, and I love it over the top! It is the season, and yes the carols are cheesy, and I love it cheesy. I love the memories and I love the way people think about each other in good ways the…I don’t think that we should continue to oppress a time when people seek to be nice to each other…Yes, there are other motives present, but who cares, the general sense that I have is that of “the Christmas Spirit” and “goodwill towards men.” I love this quote from Fox News’ Common Sense by Neil Cavuto he sums it up quite nicely…(click on his name to read the rest of his thoughts on this same subject) “ We could do worse than be reminded a little early about a time that seems to bond us. Even if it offends some of us.” …

Merry Christmas!!!!


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