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Ann Coulter is my Diva….

Posted by Reid on March 11, 2007

I am calling this Reid’s Rhetoric still working on what that means. I have been watching the postings and participating on excellent chat board, that is fronted by one of my favorite right wing divas Ann Coulter. If you are unaware of her work, you should check it out. ANN COUTLER’S WEBSITE. Weak minded need not to apply, she is very direct and does not mince words. If you are looking to work on your current events knowledge. Then I suggest that you even check out the chat link, and the message boards. While there is a strong conservative feel, and you have to sort through some of the blather, there are many viewpoint that are represented. There are some excellent civil debates and the moderators do an excellent job of keeping it all organized and “clean”… Even if you do not participate in the boards you will find her articles of current events interesting, and she has a position that is not the same liberal spin that you hear everyday in Main Stream Media. (MSM) … In fact, I fond her right on the money most of the time!

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