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Sunday…what a Sunday

Posted by Reid on April 30, 2007

What an amazing city I live in, and my home is just a couple of blocks from this beautiful park. I happen to have Sundays off and I am going to start enjoying these “off” times. This does not mean making the day off more hectic than the rest of the week, much more leisurely.

This past Sunday I took a bike ride around the park, stopped off and made a picnic area for myself and read some chapter from Ann Coulter’s Godless and then enjoyed watching the boats and the water skiers…I think one of the things we miss in life are these peaceful times where we can re group and for lack of a better term “center ourselves”. I hope everyone has these grounding moments where you are able to do some of the things you have been meaning to do: Like go on a hike, paint a picture, journal, go for a walk, practice your piano… these leisurely things that you want to do but are not a “high” priority… Once a week, make them a high priority.

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