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A Royal Rainbow Warrior

Posted by Reid on May 4, 2007

What a royal pain…yes the snobbish and arrogant have done it again…and again. But this time I really question the motivations behind it. Prince Charles told his son Prince William that if he did not intend to marry Kate Middleton, then he should stop dating her. Then the break up seemed to happen amicably. OK, makes sense—there are such things as ‘normal’ or free from the drama. We have come to expect such explosions from reality TV, that we cannot recognize normal if it hit us between the eyes. Yet for some reason we just cannot let it go.

“Gosh, dad do I hafta?” Ooops, my bad a Royal would never talk that way remember? All of this publicity the press decided that it would be necessary to “flame” the mother for being too common, and blame that as the reason for the break up amongst other things. How distracting to have all the discussions of the break-up not even involve the two that broke up! “Sorry son, you cannot date that young lady, her mother chews gum…we cannot have you be seen with the likes of that.”

I think there is a hidden meaning of the break-up and it deals directly with the prince himself, and it has NOTHING to do with the smoke and mirrors display that we have been feed by the media. Here is a hint, he dated a fashion designer (a hot one) and has no intentions to get married (Remember they broke up amicably) His close friends are women, and he dresses well. Now he wants to hang out with Justin Timberlake.

I don’t know about you but most of the people I know who are BIG Justin fans are girls … or gay men. Yep, it looks like the hottie prince wants to “play golf” with the hottie pop star. I cannot help but think there are ulterior motives behind this one. Other golf legends have been in the UK, and has the prince requested and audience with them? Probably not, if so show me the news story. I think he wants some alone time with the sexy singer so that they can talk about being what they have in common. Be careful Justin, Prince William means something different when he is talking about getting the ball in the hole.

clipped from
“Wills wants to take some time out from partying and enjoy some sport.

“One of his passions is golf and he knows Justin is practically a professional.”

The pair are tipped to meet up after Justin’s concert in Glasgow this week.

The 26-year-old singer split from his girlfriend of four-years, Cameron Diaz, in January and William, 24, is also newly single after ending his relationship with Kate Middleton.

The source added: “Justin has just split from Cameron and him joining William for a chat is perfect timing.”

Since he split from Kate, William has enjoyed several nights out at London clubs and has been linked to his close friend Holly Branson, the 25-year-old daughter of Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson.

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