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I am unbiased REALLY I AM…

Posted by Reid on May 6, 2007

I get in arguments with my liberal friends all the time about the media bias towards the left. It is amazing to me that they are still convinced that somehow news outlets such as NPR and MSNBC are fair and balanced. I personally enjoy FOX News (Well when they don’t oversaturate the news about Brittney and Anna Nicole), one of the reasons they get dubbed conservative is that they actually have conservatives on the shows… and liberals. Big deal, we have become accustomed to the differences. But when a publication that SHOULD be unbiased by its very nature as it represents all American people continually undermines the leader of our country, I personally question their integrity. Time magazine publishes the 100 most influential people that shape the world. In 2007 they negated to include the president of the United States. From the Shanghai Daily they list here some of the influential people…

The list of 100 most influential, on newsstands in the United States yesterday, also includes Rosie O’Donnell, Queen Elizabeth II, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, director Martin Scorsese and model Kate Moss.

I am sorry but I do not care whether you like GW and his policies or not, he has been very influential in the world we live in for the past 7 years. His exclusion is a slap in the face in regards to the thoughts and desires for many Americans. This radical left wing magazine chooses to include Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama… Pu-lease, that is more a campaign plug for the left than a real inclusion of influential people. In fact, most if not all of the list are left wingers, hmmm… makes ya think doesn’t it. Time, you used to have the American interest at heart, now you are merely a platform for left wing politics I am glad many of us are waking up to this.


3 Responses to “I am unbiased REALLY I AM…”

  1. Nic said

    Hi. I came across your blog and find it quite interesting. As a young — and gay — student jounralist, I hope I can help you with a few issues.

    First, all media, no matter what organization or what reporter, will be biased. Second, by all accounts, NPR is probably the least biased. And who watches MSNBC again? Third, FOX News is excessivley skewed to the right. I’m sorry, watch the documentary OutFoxed. While there are several problems and a clear inherent biased with the doc itself, the show still points to several facts that prove it is nothing more the a propaganda machine.

    And finally on why George Bush probably isn’t named as one of the most influental people by Time is that he really hasn’t done anything new this year. Meanwhile, Rosie O’Donnell, Kate Moss and YouTube have all played a large part in our society. Sorry, but George just isn’t news until, well, until he either gets shot or can somehow get us out of Iraq before he leaves office.

    And regarding your last comment about Time having the American interest at heart. The only goal of a true and good journalist is to “seek truth and report it.” No one’s interest shoule be taken into account before publication. Instead, the publication should be filled with interesting things!

    (For the record, my guess the only interest Fox News has is making Rupert Murdoch — an Australian — happy.)

  2. Reid said

    I think that NPR is neutral too for a liberal biased media. I recently came across FAIR, I am not sure of how really neutral they even are but they were “anti spin” on several media outlets. Part of how they figure that out is which think tanks the media leans on, if it is balanced then it seems “centrist” if not then biased… It looks like NPR leaves out the conservative thought.

    “NPR does not lean on the so-called conservative think tanks as many in the audience seem to think.”

    FAIR Article

    I am sure I will post this on my main blog as a follow-up.

  3. Reid said

    Oh, one more thing… Queen Elizabeth the II was also listed. What has she done “new” to gain her position with Time since that seems to be the premise you present to be selected.

    No, I still think that Time is “out to get” the Right and have a desire to list a liberal list, or liberal friendly list. They are jabbing… period.

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