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Man-Made Global Warming: 10 Questions

Posted by Reid on December 30, 2007

Interesting article… click on the link to see his explanations for each of the questions. These are excellent questions, even though as many who have commented on the article agree, for some reason we are not allowed to question. I hope for everyone’s sake that this is not the real trend. One of the things I enjoy about our country is our freedom to question, investigate and figure out what we believe on our own.

clipped from
Man-Made Global Warming: 10 Questions

1. What is the perfect temperature?

2. Just what is the average temperature of the earth?

3. What factors have led to global warming in the past, and how do we know they aren’t the causes of the current warming trend

4. Why is there such a strong effort to stifle discussion and dissent?

5. Why are there such dramatically different warnings about the effects of man-made global warming?

6. Are there potential benefits to global warming?

7. Should such drastic changes in public policy be based on a “what if?” proposition?

8. What will be the impact on the people of the world if we change the way we live based on man-made global warming concerns

9. How will we measure our successes?

10. How has this movement gained such momentum?

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