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U.S. Marines evacuate Iraqi girl in need of life-saving open-heart surgery to a Nashville hospital

Posted by Reid on January 28, 2008

I love stories like this, I wish they would appear more mainstream news, so for now word of mouth will have to do. The men and women of our armed forces are doing so much outside what we “feel” they are doing based on our clueless left wing politicians rhetoric… to our military keep up the good work!

U.S. Marines evacuate Iraqi girl in need of life-saving open-heart surgery to a Nashville hospital


The Orange County Register


 A 2-year-old Iraqi girl with a congenital heart defect, who has been evacuated to a Tennessee hospital by U.S. Marines in the Al Anbar province, was reported Friday to be awake but fighting a respiratory infection.

The toddler has a large hole in her heart and a severe obstruction between her heart and lungs, giving her the classic “blue baby” look around her lips and extremities, according to a hospital news release. Amenah’s heart is basically backwards in her chest and her large arteries are oriented abnormally, the hospital said.

marinesiraqigirl21.JPGThe Iraqi government backed the Marines’ effort with its unconditional support. And friends and family of Maj. Kevin Jarrard, who befriended Amenah’s family, in Nashville continue to help, the hospital said.

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