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$4 for Gas is CHEAP

Posted by Reid on May 30, 2008

REALLY good article about gasoline prices… I just clipped a small bit of it so please check out the entire article…

These higher prices will show you exactly how powerful the market is, and how quick things can change when you are paying attention to supply and demand.

clipped from

On the environmental front, people concerned about greenhouse-gas emissions should be cheering today’s oil prices. Expensive motor fuel is the only thing that will lead consumers to use less oil and make the switch to hybrid vehicles, smaller cars, and public transit. Higher oil prices are convincing automakers to change their fleets. Earlier this week, Nissan Motor Company announced that it will begin selling an electric car in the United States and Japan by 2010. Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive of Nissan, made it clear that fuel prices were a factor in the company’s decision to build electric cars, telling the New York Times that “the shifts coming from the markets are more powerful than what regulators are doing.”

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