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A twist about some of the people if Iraq

Posted by Reid on July 7, 2008

A nice article about some Iraqis making a difference… good stuff considering most of the things we hear about their county. Looks like there is more and more good news coming from there. I love it!!

10 Iraqis You Should Know

By David Mac Dougall & Ghalib Tawfiq, Baghdad Bureau

After years of reporting from Iraq, viewers are familiar with some of the most common personalities connected with events here: from Saddam Hussein to Prime Minister Maliki; Moqtada al-Sadr to Ayatollah Sistani. But what about some other Iraqis making an impact in their chosen professions?

Nashat Akram, Dr Ala Bashir, Hussain al Shahristani, Dana Abdul Razzaq,
Maysoon al-Damluji, Zaha Hadid

Dana Abdul Razzaq: Iraqi Olympic athlete
Hassan Abdulrazzak: Author / playwright
Nashat Akram: Star player on Iraq’s national soccer team
Suhair al-Qaisi: Iraqi journalist for Arabiya TV
Dr Ala Bashir: Plastic surgeon
Ayad Jamal al-Din: Shiite member of parliament
Maysoon al-Damluji: Women’s rights activist
Nadhmi Auchi: Businessman & philanthropist
Hussain al Shahristani: Minister for Oil
Zaha Hadid: Architect

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