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From Tammy Bruce’s Blog….CNN Manages to Avoid Mentioning Islam in Honor Killing Special

Posted by Reid on August 15, 2008

Tammy quite the watch dog for REAL women’s rights… it is still amazing to me that we do not hold the source accountable as we are too scared that people will think bad of us… if this was a white on black crime or a straight on gay crime, then all of a sudden we “call it like it is”… but we have selective memory when it does not fit those parameters.

As always check out Tammy’s Blog for more interesting stories… this one made me mad so I though I would link to it.

CNN Manages to Avoid Mentioning Islam in Honor Killing Special

While Newsbusters uses the spiral staircase analogy, I much prefer to analogy of managing to describe World War II without mentioning Nazis. Gotta really go out of your way to do that. Look, until we admit where this worldwide scourge is based, and address the barbarism that naturally leads to terrorism, none of this is going to stop.

CNN Avoids Mentioning Islam in Segment on ‘Honor Killings’

Posted by Tammy · August 13, 2008 08:59 AM · Permalink


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