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Get conservatives to help… (Um, I could have told you that)

Posted by Reid on August 19, 2008

Get Ward Connerly to Speak Out Against Prop. 8

Just returned from the Republicans Against 8 meeting.
While I can’t disclose everything that was discussed there, I can put
forward an idea that came to me in the course of the meeting. If
advocates of gay marriage are serious about defeating this initiative
(now with the new wording, banning gay marriage), they would get a
prominent conservative leader to cut radio and TV ads opposing it. …

As with anything from Gay Patriot read the rest of the blog entry HERE

This is something that I have contended for on many issues
(DADT etc) if issues such as this would also include conservatives that may
support what they are trying to accomplish instead of alienating us in the
decision making process. The clout one can bring to the change if they did this
could be amazing. I am constantly disappointed that they do not seeking to
understand the conservative side and adjust their rhetoric to get us on board –I
think they would be be surprised at how many would actually help them .

It is easy to speak to people who agree with you, quite
another to go into the Lion’s den and make the story convincing there. I see liberals always prefer the easy route;
they avoid debates, lean on the media and other “forces” to magically make
things happen… this seems to be the mantra for any of the “gay” issues they wait
for the congress, president, Supreme Court, circuit court-or – whomever to
force everyone else to see their way.


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