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Paying CEO’s off actaully might save money…

Posted by Reid on October 1, 2008

I love Thomas Sowell… I like his perspective on this. Never thought about, paying pennies compared to what keeping (or firing for that matter) would cost… We don’t like the “parachutes” because we compare them to our own income lens…when if fact looking at the entire picture actually could save money.

For me emotionally I like the idea that it would “feel” better to make them fall on their butts (This is without looking at the actual repercussions of that kind of decision)… but my mind does not always play along, thank goodness my mind understands that actions have consequences and what might feel good emotionally might not feel good when the results are in.

Penny-Wise Politics
Pound-foolish populism

By Thomas Sowell

Congress is never more ridiculous than when it tries to look like it is serious.

the midst of a major national financial crisis, what was one of the
first things Congress zeroed in on? The pay of Chief Executive Officers
of financial institutions.

If all those CEOs agreed to work for
nothing, that would not be enough to lower the bailout money by one
percent. Anyone who was really serious would start with the 99 percent
and let the one percent come later, if at all.
… read the rest of the article HERE

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