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Obama scares me to death…

Posted by Reid on October 13, 2008

He scares me to death!  Why?

1.  He has absolutely NO experience doing anything of consequence.  As others have noted, in his brief career he has written two memoirs but no (NO) legislation.  He literally has accomplished nothing in his political life, other than to build a foundation for this run for the presidency.

2.  His view of America and its problems, and the solutions to those problems, have noting in common with mine [or with a majority of Americans if they would take a moment to actually listen to the substance of what he says, rather than doting on the impressive style of his delivery].  He really does not believe in the greatness of this country, in my view.  He thinks it is broken and needs fixing.  What is broken, in his view, is what he perceives as a failure of “us” to take better care of “them.”  It is the “them” to which he preaches this sermon, and of course it resonates well with anyone who thinks he/she should be doing better than they are.  His proposed fix is to increase the extent, ways, and manner in which the federal government pays more attention to “them” and to see to it that the rest of “us” pay for helping “them” out of whatever difficulty they are having.  This is socialism in disguise, and any historian, and I mean any objective historian, will attest to the fact that socialist societies have never sustained themselves.  The growing number of people on the federal dole, which will increase dramtatically if Obama is president, threatens the continued strength and vitality of our country.  A very wise Greek philosopher (whose name I do not remember) once observed that any democracy was doomed to fail.  It was doomed to fail because voters tend to be selfish and interested primarily in their own comfort and survival, and therefore would continuously approve and endores any government program that helped them.  [In today’s world, think of teachers’ unions, public employee unions, people looking for cheap mortgages, etc.]  Eventually the number of voters dependent upon the government for support would outnumber those who supported themselves, and at that tipping point the government would morph into a caretaker role rather than an institution reflecting the general consensus of what what was best for the country.  I fear that is just about to happen, or already has happened, in America. 

3.  His world view is dangerously naive and uninformed.  He is one of many who tend to think today that the problems in the world can and must be addressed by increased mutual understanding, forgiveness, and assistance.  Noble objectives, to be sure, but so totally out of touch with reality as to be really frightening.  The greatest threat our country faces from external forces is Islamic jihad, and it is not a movement which will be assuaged by talking or heightened sensitivity to its demands.  These people believe, and I think most Americans still cannot quite fully grasp the reality of this, that God has called them to rid the world of us.  They are on a holy mission, and one which will not be diverted by diplomacy.  While I think that diplomacy is essential in persuading the governments that harbor these terrorists to stop doing so, I do think the only way to deal with these people is to make them dead.

4.  I do not trust him.  At datum, he is the product of one of the most corrupt political machines in America.  He has aligned himself with, and benefitted from, the likes of William Ayres and Rev. Wright, whose views on America are antithetical to any right thinking person.  While he now disavows those people, maybe even honestly (which I doubt), his years of maturation and political growth was in a climate and sub-culture which approved, even rejoiced in, the views and fundamental principles of such people. 

Well, that’s it for starters. 

And, by the way, ask yourself how it is possible that, with one exception, in only two years as a U.S. Senator Mr. Obama received more money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than any politician in Washington had during the preceding 20 years.  The only person who received more over the course of that time was Sen. Dodd, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee which “oversees” both of those GSEs.  What in the world was Obama doing, or promising to do, that caused each of those failed institutions to throw so much money at him?  I suspect it was because they recognized in him a politician who was determined to put the welfare of those who could not afford housing above the welfare of the country in general.  And I think that priority will infect his presidency. 

This was given to me by one of my colleagues father about why he does not want Obama. It was an e-mail that he wrote to his wife’s friend telling her about his reasons… I would like my liberal friends to tell me why they want them… by refuting these claims here.

I think this is a great assessment and while McCain has many flaws, you know exactly where he stands. There is n
o flowery stuff with him only a real honest record.

Also, one of my favorite blog reads has a quick quip as well as to why nObama… you can read the entire thing  HERE

In a Nutshell, my Opposition to Obama

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:10 pm – October 12, 2008.
Filed under: 2008 Presidential Politics, Obama Watch

He’s a liberal who favors increased federal spending and a larger federal government, has been less than and candid about past associations, refuses to disclose a number of details about his past. He has switched positions on a number of key issues.

Seems to underestimate the threats abroad while downplaying the success of our strategy in Iraq. He talks a good game about postpartisanship and a “new kind of politics,” but since elected to public office, he has failed to accomplish any significant reform. He has never bucked his party on any major issues. Indeed, he consistently votes the party line. While campaigning for change, he doesn’t have much of a record as a trend-setter. He’s more a follower than a leader.

my hope is that people will make the right decision this November, and no check Obama’s name…

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