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MUST READ: Townhall: Ken Blackwell … false conservative division

Posted by Reid on March 28, 2009

Conservatives’ False Division <–Read the whole thing!

Interesting perspective, and I combine this perspective with the GP Post and my subsequent reaction on “Equality”… this leads me to wonder why so many “types” of conservatives cannot stand together  when  the fundamental danger confronting us is our loss of freedom.

Social conservatives are scared of getting “sin” on them, some fiscal conservatives are scared to be associated with fanatical religious zealots, paleoconservatives are scared of progress and the list goes on… in the mean time, our government keeps growing and we lose more and more our ability to choose for ourselves. We are frustrated when people to not meet all the attributes of a checklist and we discount thoughts, ignore and push aside people that do not align exactly with our own lists (in short we act like liberals). But as the article points out:

The common enemy of all conservatives is the centrality of the state instead of the individual in our political system. All conservatives oppose elevating government to a place of reverence and esteem. Government must be closely watched and carefully limited.

Why do we have troubles coming together on this? Why do we continue to fight each other on the “small” things and why do we keep letting liberals define who we are?? We need to quit and come together or we are just as much to blame for the dramatic left turn this country is going as Obama is.


2 Responses to “MUST READ: Townhall: Ken Blackwell … false conservative division”

  1. Randy said

    As a social conservative I am not afraid of “sin” getting on me. Now cooties on the the other hand …

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