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Denver “Tea Party” April 15 2009

Posted by Reid on April 17, 2009

Denver Tax Day Tea Party 2009

Denver Tax Day Tea Party 2009

On Wednesday I attended my first REAL, protest. It was  part of a nationwide grassroots movement to speak up against the government’s wasteful ways. I posted the information for this event HERE. I knew there would be a lot of people there but I did not realize that it would be so many, Denver Post reports that it was 5000+*. I thought it was amazing, I was listening to bagpipe music as any good Celt would do on my way to the event. I definitely had goosebumps at the event, at times when we said the pledge of allegiance and sang our national anthem. I will put a few pictures from the event here so you can see a bit of the start of this movement Denver style.

Denver Tax Day Tea Party 2009

Denver Tax Day Tea Party 2009

It attracted some fringe, and some nut balls, but these were the exception to the rule. While we were not as big as some of the other events across the nation. The thing I want to point out about this is that it is grassroots movement, there was no “press push” as there is with so much of what goes on with the left. If a protest of this magnitude for antiwar. Some of the fringe (for the protest, but a bit “different”)

Sign says "They Don't Give a F*** about You"

Sign says "They Don't Give a F*** about You

 A Little V for Vendetta ... plus Acorns are nuts

A Little V for Vendetta ... plus Acorns are nuts

I would like to note in the article I quoted for the 5000 number that half of it is dedicated to the liberal “counter protesters” when their presence was not even close of a match compared to the  main event, or even the fringe of main even “crazies”. Here is a picture of Michael Huttner, and his helper carrying their sign in the middle of the other protesters. There were so many other groups there that should have gotten some page time, so why these groups? Here is a picture of the same guy with his helper (yep 2 of them) and the ladies that are trying to block his sign. I suppose that he has a right to the “speech” but people forget that it does not necessarily mean we have to listen, or he might forget that this ridiculous out of control spending is not just a Bush issue.

Little Conflict.. there were 2 of them but they got half of the article

Little Conflict.. there were 2 of them (sign says we are here to sweep up Bush's mess"

Here are a few more:

Are you paying attention?

Are you paying attention?

As the grass in front of the capital fills up

As the grass in front of the capital fills up

Revolution is Brewing

Revolution is Brewing

Got Pork?

Got Pork?

Some of the crowd

Some of the crowd

Nice Day for a Protest

Nice Day for a Protest


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Quick lesson in government

Posted by Reid on March 31, 2009

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Knitting the discussion…can you take the challenge?

Posted by Reid on March 31, 2009

Most people who know me personally understand that I love a good discussion, even the uncomfortable kind. I think that dissenting conversations are great when managed correctly and good for solving problems. It is one of the ways we strengthen our own beliefs, thoughts, premises and positions–defending them strengthens them.

I have long considered it healthy and quite amazing to be able to knit the strands of a dissent and conflict filled discussion to a positive outcome even if the parties agree to disagree.  It is the friction that propels us forward to good solutions– if we are good knitters.

When these discussion are politics, it is important to keep the  “personal and emotions” out of it. Using the “unwritten rule” to not take it personally,  save the personal and emotional moments for Oprah, your psychologist and your hairdresser.

During the 2008 Presidential Election there was a flood “political “rhetoric” and skewed perspectives on each of the candidates. This influenced the discussions people were having. I felt many of these these discussions were quite unproductive because of the media bias,  incomplete information and passages being taken out of context etc . One of my liberal friends and I decided that it would be best to go to the actual source and then sort out what we thought rather than relying on the cut, past and merge talents of the media . This helped us come to the table with complete information and helped facilitate some excellent “dialogue knitting”.

I was reminded of this when I read the LA Times: Take the Limbaugh Challenge by Andrew Klavan. I have often wondered how some people pass  harsh judgments about Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh et all when the information for their critique was presented an incomplete and out of context message.  Klavan is challenging the mostly liberal audience of the LA Times to actually listen to Rush Limbaugh (in his context). He asserts that many who have formed harsh opinions have never listened:

…And, whatever you claim, you still haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh.

Which leads to a question: Why not? I mean, come on, the guy’s one of the figures of the age. Aren’t you even curious? I listen to all your guys: NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The Times, the New York Times, the New Yorker — I check out the whole left-wing hallelujah chorus. Why are you afraid to spend a couple of hours listening to Limbaugh’s show and seriously considering if and why you disagree with him?

Let me guess at your answer. You don’t need to listen to him. You’ve heard enough to know he’s a) racist, b) hateful, c) stupid, d) merely an outrageous entertainer not to be taken seriously or e) all of the above.

Now let me tell you the real answer: You’re a lowdown, yellow-bellied, lily-livered intellectual coward. You’re terrified of finding out he makes more sense than you do.

I agree with him. Because if you are strong in what you believe listening to Rush (or reading Ann) will not change or convince you otherwise. The only reason many do not embrace  types in context is being afraid that they will make sense.

I know this is true because I am always excited that a new Ann Coulter book is out. I have shown certain people the book and they reel backward in hatred, like a cat who has been thrown in a bathtub. So I ask them “what book did you read of hers that let you to that conclusion?” … the response is predicable “I haven’t,  I just don’t like what she says, she is mean” … Sooo crazy, they don’t like the message only to turn around and say I haven’t really listened/read their message.

I like the challenge that he presents, let’s expand it.  You can either listen to Rush radio show (in its entirety) or read an Ann Coulter book (in its entirety).  Let me know if you can do that I will meet you at the table for some sane knitting and discussion.

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MUST READ: Townhall: Ken Blackwell … false conservative division

Posted by Reid on March 28, 2009

Conservatives’ False Division <–Read the whole thing!

Interesting perspective, and I combine this perspective with the GP Post and my subsequent reaction on “Equality”… this leads me to wonder why so many “types” of conservatives cannot stand together  when  the fundamental danger confronting us is our loss of freedom.

Social conservatives are scared of getting “sin” on them, some fiscal conservatives are scared to be associated with fanatical religious zealots, paleoconservatives are scared of progress and the list goes on… in the mean time, our government keeps growing and we lose more and more our ability to choose for ourselves. We are frustrated when people to not meet all the attributes of a checklist and we discount thoughts, ignore and push aside people that do not align exactly with our own lists (in short we act like liberals). But as the article points out:

The common enemy of all conservatives is the centrality of the state instead of the individual in our political system. All conservatives oppose elevating government to a place of reverence and esteem. Government must be closely watched and carefully limited.

Why do we have troubles coming together on this? Why do we continue to fight each other on the “small” things and why do we keep letting liberals define who we are?? We need to quit and come together or we are just as much to blame for the dramatic left turn this country is going as Obama is.

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Daniel Hannan, MEP… Gets it

Posted by Reid on March 26, 2009

Why are comments like this not on the main stream media? Because they are more common than those in power would have you beleive. Obama should hear this one too. Listen to the speech, it is pretty good.


Subscribe to Daniel Hannan’s YouTube Channel HERE since you may not get to see him on the MSM or BBC much 🙂

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Denver Tea Party

Posted by Reid on March 25, 2009

teaparty For those of you who will be in Colorado on Tax Day it would be brilliant to gather a group together and add our collective presence to this worthy protest. Funny part is that not much MSM coverage for these events and they are gaining much popularity. If you are interested in coming with me let me know 🙂

Here is the Denver specific information from the website. If you are not in Denver there are many other locations planned just click on the picture above to go to the website.

City: Denver
When: April 15, 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Where: West steps of the Capitol, 200 East Colfax
Contact: EMAIL
Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

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Must Read: Mark Steyn’s “Outrage Kabuki” at NRO

Posted by Reid on March 23, 2009


The Outrage Kabuki

As usual he is amazing… head over to NRO and read the article, I would be happy to talk about it here though. Here is just a highlight that I quite enjoyed.

The investor class invests in jurisdictions where the rules are clear and stable. Right now, Washington is telling the planet: In our America, there are no rules. Got a legally binding contract? We’ll tear it up. Refuse to surrender the dough? We’ll pass a law targeted at you, yes, you, Mr. Beau Nuss of 27 Plutocrat Gardens, Fatcatville. If you want a banana republic on steroids, this is great news. So cheer on thuggish grandstanding by incompetent legislators-for-life like Barney Frank if you wish. But, in any battle between the political class and the business class, you’re only fooling yourself if you think it’s in your interest for the latter to lose.

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Um, yep Obama is out of touch

Posted by Reid on March 23, 2009

The picture introduces this interesting article in the New York Times that this left leaning Obama supporter (Frank Rich) headlining his piece Has a ‘Katrina Moment’ Arrived? I suppose that is what happens when the actions do not match the rhetoric. Most people can tell when the talk becomes cheap no matter what your political leanings … My hope would have been his actions against what he promised to be a bit more conservative, because TRUE conservatism is best for everyone, but alas no he is letting others really run the “show”. The interesting part of all this is he is starting to alienate his own supporters.

In addition to Rich’s article, you can see hints of this in a recent Camille Paglia Salon piece (page one mostly) Heads should roll. These are a few people on the left who are waking up, I doubt they will get through to our president.

Here is an awesome article from Andrew Breitbart:Dreaming of President Petraeus and an American surge It is an excellent summary of what is going on with Obama. I just found this quote below an interesting irony  to which I wholeheartedly agree.

What is scaring us – even though many of us won’t admit it – is that we elected a president who wants more than anything to be liked.

I agree with the growing premise that Obama is worried about his image more than he is ready to get to work. the media made the mistake in the campaign to treat him softly so he does not know how to deal with the hard stuff, which is sad really because the media did a much better job of that with Palin… now that Obama is less and less coddled he is not sure what to do.

Why else would he be eager to get to Hollywood to give us some more campaign rhetoric? Why else would he call the NYT to explain he is not a Socialist (Article : Obama makes Oval Office call to reporters –h/t Michelle Malkin)  These kind of actions remind me of Meghan McCain recently in her quest to get back into the limelight… to Meghan, move on. Obama, suck it up cupcake, get to work and realize you need to be true to your word. This leaves us with this current administration’s goals…(from the Breitbart article)

Let’s create more government dependency, reward the incompetent and print more money.
That’s doubling down on stupidity.

We “little” people are smarter than you give us credit for and this type of direction will never do. Obama it is time to really get in touch.

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This is what happens when “camp” is over

Posted by Reid on November 6, 2008

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Fox is balanced

Posted by Reid on November 1, 2008

Interesting PEW Study about neutrality, at least in context of this campaign. I know many liberal friends HATE Fox. But the presence of conservative thought does not mean it is biased, balance means you have all sides equally. Fox is the only news source that can claim this…

When it comes to coverage of the campaign for president 2008, where one goes for news makes a difference, according to a new study.

Read the study HERE

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